3D Snow

3D Snow 5.3

3D Snow fills your desktop with a beautiful snowfall

3D Snow is a program that will put an animated snow desktop screensaver in your computer.
This screensaver will show snowflakes falling from the top of the screen, over every component that you can see. The "snow" will accumulate at the bottom of the screen.

You can configure the program the same way you would do with any other screensaver: the Window´s Screen Saver Settings menu. Right there, you can select how much time will you allow your computer to be idle before launching the screen saver, and if you want the program to ask for your login information when resuming. The "Settings" button will let you change some adjustments of the program. You will be able to use three different modes, all at a time or in any combination. You can also set the size of the snowflakes, their falling speed, their number and color. The program will give different forms to each snowflake, as it happens in real life. You can also choose if you want to accept that pressing the ESC key or the mouse button will cause the program to stop working. The "Preview" button will let you check how the screensaver will look when launched.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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